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We hope that this site serves its purpose as an introduction to The Friends of Darlington Railway Centre and Museum but there may be some details we have overlooked. There is also some information that simply does not have a natural place in the structure of the site. Such odds and ends, contact details and information about this site are included here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a relevant question that is not covered elsewhere you can contact the Officers of the Friends or your web-master by e-mail but please look to see if it is answered here first. This section will alter as questions are asked and will influence the rest of the site if any question suggests a major omission.

Please note that this is the place for questions about The Friends of Darlington Railway Centre and Museum, its activities and this site. If you want to know the name of the cat that the signal-man at Shildon kept from 1872 to 1884 you will have to look elsewhere. Perhaps the Ken Hoole Study Centre.

Q: What are the opening times for Darlington Railway Museum?
A: The opening hours vary throughout the year. Our advice is for you to contact the Museum directly or check its website which you can find via this link.

Q: How much does it cost to visit Darlington Railway Museum?
A: If you are a member of the Friends it is free of course, excluding some special events, and you don't have to visit very often before it becomes worth joining for that reason alone. Otherwise there are various rates for admission including concessions which the Museum may change at any time so, again, our best advice is to contact the Museum itself or check its website.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Friends?
A: There are Individual, Joint and Family Memberships as well as concessions for seniors, juniors, students etc. All permutations are detailed in the application form for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a suitable plug-in for your web-browser.

Q: Why does your Home Page bring up an error message in my browser?
A: It's the map. Google Maps uses interactive elements, the sort that can used by some web-sites to create security loop-holes in your computer's browser or operating system. Your browser has noted these as a potential security threat for your attention. There is more detail on the Home Page in a note below the map itself.


The Friends of Darlington Railway Centre and Museum is a voluntary organization from top to bottom. The Officers of the Friends do take their posts seriously but they can be unavailable from time to time due to careers, holidays and other commitments. If your e-mail does not receive an immediate reply please be assured that it will be read at the first opportunity.

Chairman: Richard Taylor e-mail.

Vice-Chairman (Appeals): David Porter. e-mail.

Secretary: Jenny Porter. e-mail. If you wish to contact the Friends but are not sure who to address your enquiry to Jenny will.

Membership Secretary: June Palmer. e-mail.

Treasurer: David Turner. e-mail.

Programme Organizer: Richard Wimbury. e-mail. Richard has organized the programme for 2017 but will be relinquishing responsibility after that. He will take notes for whoever succeeds him.

Newsletter Editor: Timothy Ruffle*. e-mail

*As you have probably noticed the Web-master and the Newsletter Editor have the same name- this is not a coincidence. The website and newsletter will inevitably share some content and your Web-master is also the Friends' Newsletter Editor. In spite of the fact that e-mail concerning both posts will all go to the same person different e-mail addresses have been set up for each post. This is partly in a desperate attempt to keep organized but also because posts in the Committee can change hands so having addresses associated with each keeps things simple when/if I hand over either function. As things stand the distinction is not vitally important so, if you have information or an announcement that concerns both the website and the newsletter, you can use either address and I should be able to figure it out however if you wish to contact me about one or the other please do use the appropriate address.

This Site

This site has been developed by a member of the Friends. Any questions or comments about it can be e-mailed to the address below but, like the Officers of the Friends, your web-master is doing this on a hobby basis. Your e-mails will be read and addressed but, if it is not done instantly, please be patient.

Web Master: Timothy Ruffle. e-mail

One of the most convincing arguments in favour of rail travel, especially in recent years, is their low impact on the environment relative to the number of passengers or the amount of goods a train can convey. In the hope of following this example this site is hosted by Super Green Hosting.

Running an average web-server releases as much carbon-dioxide as a large car. Super Green use energy efficient servers and are committed to offsetting the carbon that running those servers does release with the aim of hosting carbon neutral websites.

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